Aaron Young

Software Engineer · Violinist · Aspiring chef and comedian

Hello there!

I am a software engineer with a strong interest in frontend development, Android, and UX design. I am passionate about computer science education, and provided mentorship as an undergraduate TA / Peer Leader by holding office hours and designing workshops for the Algorithms course at Oberlin College. I currently work with JavaScript, React and Redux to build user features for the best personalized online radio and music streaming service at Pandora.


Oberlin College

B.A. Computer Science '16

Software Engineering Intern

Pandora Radio
Oakland, CA
Jun 2017 - Aug 2017

Teaching Assistant

Oberlin Computer Science Department
Oberlin, OH
Sept 2015 - May 2016

Held office hours and graded homework assignments weekly for the Introduction to Algorithms course (CSCI 280). Designed and facilitated interactive workshops to supplement lecture material twice a week (OWLS Leader Spring 2016).

[Fall 2015] [Spring 2016]

Research Assistant

Oberlin Summer Research Institute, Oberlin Computer Science Department
Oberlin, OH
Jun 2015 - Aug 2015

Programmed scripts in Python to analyze 800,000+ emails from disposable email addresses. Investigated the uses and misuses of disposable email services, as well as their security ramifications.

Web Developer

Oberlin College Library
Oberlin, OH
Sept 2014 - May 2015

Implemented and designed 5 modules of dance education website AcceleratedMotion (Mellon Foundation project). Developed in HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript.

Circulation Desk Assistant

Oberlin Conservatory Library
Oberlin, OH
Sept 2014 - May 2016

Assist students and faculty with check-in and checkout-out, oversight of the circulation desk and reserve collection. Handled customer inquiries, complaints, and service requests.


Summer 2016
HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery

Pomodoro timer written in Javascript

See the Pen Pomodoro Clock by Aaron Young (@aaronyoung) on CodePen.


BPL Compiler

Spring 2016, CSCI 331 (Compilers)
Oberlin, OH

A compiler written in Java for the BPL language, a simple language based on the programming language C. The BPL compiler is written in 4 modules: scanner, parser, type-checker, and code generator (Assembly).



Fall 2015, CSCI 311 (Databases)
Oberlin, OH
Django, Python, PostgreSQL, AWS, Heroku, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

A recipe search web application that allow users to search based on time, cost, tools, and ingredients as criteria. We use AWS to host our file system and SQL database, Django as a backend, and Heroku as our application platform.



October 2015, CSCI 342 (Computer Networks)
Oberlin, OH

Server program that manages a chatroom, using multithreading to handle the client conversations.


Huffman Coding

December 2014, CSCI 241 (Systems)
Oberlin, OH

Two programs, encode.c and decode.c, that perform simple file compression and decrompression of text and binary files using the Huffman Coding Algorithm.